Kahiltna Birchworks

Kahiltna Birchworks is a family run Alaskan business - a true cottage industry and Alaska's largest producer of pure Alaska birch syrup.

Alaska birch syrup is one of the rarest gourmet food products in the world, and one of the most difficult to produce. Dulce Ben-East, Michael East, and partner, Sally Freund have operated the Alaskan "sugarbush", producing pure birch syrup, at the East Homestead - 35 miles off the Alaska road system at Quiet Lake - since 1990

Kahiltna Gold Birch Syrup

Kahiltna Gold Birch Syrup is produced from the boreal forest of Alaska's Susitna Valley. Each spring sap is boiled down at the East homestead south of Denali. Excellent on sourdough pancakes, marinades, barbecue sauces or as a topping for squash, fruit or ice cream.

Kahiltna Birch Breakfast Syrup

Kahiltna Gold Alaska Birch Breakfast Syrup -SOON TO BE CERTIFIED ORGANIC. "Sweet and mild, with the distinctive caramel-like flavor of birch" Kahiltna Gold Alaska Birch Breakfast Syrup is an all-natural product made by concentrating birch sap to 45% sugars, then blending with pure ORGANIC evaporated cane juice. This process results in a milder, somewhat sweeter syrup at a lower price, while still offering the deliciously distinctive flavor of birch. This breakfast style birch syrup possesses the perfect flavor to enhance your pancakes, waffles, and french toast and is particularly delicious on sourdoughs.

Alaska Sapphire Blueberry Syrup

Alaska Sapphire Blueberry Syrup is made from pureed wild Alaskan and domestic blueberries, sweetened with pure birch syrup. With a hint of organic orange zest, this is a treat you will enjoy again and again. Try it on crepes, French toast, pancakes and waffles, ice cream and fruit.

Alaska Wild Harvest Raspberry Rhubarb Syrup

Matanuska Rubies Raspberry Rhubarb Syrup comes straight from the gardens of Alaska's Matanuska Valley. The long hours of sunlight deliver a ripe, beautiful crop and a syrup that is delicious on crepes, waffles, ice cream and more.

Alaska Wild Jams and Jellies

Alaska Wild Jams and Jellies are made with wild Alaskan berries, so they offer the best taste and nutrition Mother Nature can deliver. The 3.75 oz. jars make terrific gifts and stocking-stuffers.

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