Raven's Brew

Originating in Ketchikan, Raven's Brew coffees deliver a funky end-of-the road experience that can only come from Alaska. Like its homeland, the product names, artwork and descriptions are Out There. It would all be one big fun joke if they didn't take their coffee so seriously. Makes you wonder if Raven is a bird or your reaction to these amazing brews. With Raven's Brew it's neither business nor coffee as usual.

Raven's Brew House Blend

Our Rapturous and Incomparable house recipe yields complex shades of chocolate with a sweet-fruity depth which gives way to subtle spicy nuances. Dark Roast.

Deadman's Reach

Deadman's Reach is a shoal along Baranof Island in Peril Strait in the Alexander Archipelago of Southeast Alaska. This is a coffee that even a dead man would reach for.


Skookum is straight-talking brew that earnestly invites you to "Shut Up and Drink the Coffee". In the Chinook trade jargon "Skookum" means "strong", and it has become a part of the Alaskan argot. Like many Alaskans, it is robust and full-bodied.

Raven's Brew

Raven's Brew is the product of jewels of mahogany and ebony bliss roasted in Raven's unique air-convection coffee roasters, in which all undesirable smoke and gasses are whisked away instantly, producing superior flavor development.

Santa Caws

Specially designed for the season. This year's Holiday Blend is delectable body with bittersweet chocolate, dark berries, and rich earthy flavors. Guaranteed to bring people together in good cheer, as well as good taste! Available in November and December only.

Misty Fjords

From fine restaurants to exclusive resorts, its intoxicating aroma, sophisticated balance and sweetness, and easy richness is a universal palate pleaser.

Wicked Wolf

Wicked Wolf blend is waiting, sweetie... "Grannie's Gone but the Coffee's On". Got big eyes, big ears, big teeth? No one will notice when you serve this blend of specially selected coffees of exotic origins. Intense, vibrant flavor in a balanced cup with a superb finish. Superlative after-meal coffee with awesome applications as accompaniment to chocolate desserts!

Resurrection Blend

Resurrection Blend is the product of the constant quest for the Supreme Bean. A revival of heavenly flavor and sacrament of wakefulness in a blend of some of the most blessed beans in all creation.

Dharma Beans

Dharma Beans are Certified Organic, achieving a higher state of bean. Open your senses to the cup that connects you to coffee fields cultivated in sustainable chemical-free fashion by small farmer in harmony with their local environment. "Improve your karma drink the Dharma".

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